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Meet Samantha

We would describe Samantha as a very caring, non-judgmental, and driven dietitian who is interested not just in helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, but in creating a routine and building skills and habits that will help them maintain their changes. Samantha likes to empower clients with knowledge to help them regain confidence in themselves and their food choices. 

My Story

Samantha Vallejo is a Registered Dietitian with professional culinary training who earned her Bachelor’s of Science with double majors, Culinary Nutrition and Food Science, from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Samantha received her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from the New York Chiropractic College where she furthered her studies in functional nutrition and alternative medicine.


Samantha has been working in private practice since 2016 fine tuning her nutrition counseling program which is centered around the concept of balancing blood sugar. All of her clients are on a variation of the balancing blood sugar protocol as it helps to regulate appetite, cravings, digestion, hormone health and can improve metabolic function. Samantha know’s each case is unique so after setting a good baseline with the balancing blood sugar protocol, Samantha helps clients develop their own unique nutrition routine that fits their lifestyle and health goals. 


Samantha does free lance work in the martial arts community, mainly working with MMA fighters and BJJ competitors helping them achieve their fighting weight while maintaining optimal nourishment and hydration. 


Samantha primary works with adults and teenagers. Samantha has experience working with weight loss and body recompositioning, healthy weight gain, GI disorders (IBS, SIBO, food intolerances), autoimmune and anti-inflammatory diets, and sports nutrition.

Samantha herself follows an autoimmune diet for health reasons and loves sharing her favorite new gluten, dairy, and soy-free finds. But, don’t worry - she knows this style of eating isn’t for everyone! She will help you figure out what’s best for you.

Disclaimer: Samantha is not the quick-fix dietitian. Samantha will dedicate herself to your wellness journey but she encourages doing it in a way that supports mental and physical health. This means a slow and sustained approach to things like weight loss. Samantha will help you focus on the other areas that you will make progress in much quicker (energy, digestion, cravings) and that will help you stay motivated as you reach your goals.

Counseling Style

Samantha’s first session is always structured to help clients start off on the right foot. Samantha will discuss things like meal timing, portion sizes, meal and snacks idea, and hydration needs. Follow-ups are individualized based on clients progress and needs. Samantha will educate you on topics like how to maintain balance while dining out, how to handle social events, how to meal prep, how to read food labels, and of course there will always be time for your questions. Samantha understands that change takes time and she will work with you, at your own pace. 


Samantha is naturally an introverted person and when she is not working, training Jiu Jitsu, or with her family, she is usually on a beach with her two huskies. Samantha no longer works in the culinary industry but she enjoys developing recipes, cooking for friends and family, and trying new restaurants. Samantha follows an autoimmune diet for her condition and loves sharing her favorite new gluten, dairy, and soy-free finds. But, don’t worry - she knows this style of eating isn’t for everyone! 

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