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About the Book

DASH Diet Air Fryer Cookbook

Create delicious DASH diet meals with your air fryer.

Written by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Christina Lombardi, The DASH Diet Cookbook makes it easy to follow a DASH diet and still enjoy the foods you love. This beginner-friendly cookbook provides 75 simple recipes for crispy, crunchy favorites without all the oil, salt, and calories—so you can delight your taste buds and meet your nutritional goals.

What sets this book apart from other DASH diet cookbooks:

  • Air frying and the DASH Diet—Learn more about the DASH diet and lifestyle, how to use your air fryer, and how to stock your kitchen with healthy ingredients.

  • Truly easy recipes—Discover a wide variety of flavorful recipes that include step-by-step instructions and use simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

  • Tips for success—Find expert advice that helps you get the most out of each recipe, including prep pointers, air fryer tips, and variation suggestions for swapping ingredients and switching up flavors.

The Book Includes...

- 75 DASH Diet-friendly meals 

- Expert advice on how to extract the most from each recipe! 

- Ways to enjoy your FAVORITE meals without all the extra, salt, oil, calories, and GUILT! 


- Step by Step instructions and Simple easy to find ingredients 

- Variations ingredient swaps, allowing you to customize the recipes to your liking

- An introduction to healthy eating that leads to lower blood pressure and healthier hearts ❤️

Dietary Approaches to STOP Hypertension.


"I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be when you are first diagnosed with a medical condition. I believe many conditions can be managed through adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle."

- Christina Lombardi, MS, RD, FMNS

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