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Nutrition with Christina Lombardi, MS, RD, CDN

I get it, eating right isn't easy.  Diet dogmas - you're over it, well so am I.  I have been there before, which is why I entered into the field of Nutrition.  Even as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I know what is it like to feel off balanced.  If you desire to make changes to the way you live, then you should consider the benefits of working with a qualified professional.  I will help you find your optimal health through individual nutrition counseling and coaching.


My Coaching Philosophy

I love food and want you to love food as well.   My methods are centered around the concept that not one dietary approach should be seen as better or worse than others without being evaluated against your personal level of well-being.  All dietary approaches are legitimate in balancing the mind and body.  By keeping this in mind, we can naturally find healthy relationships with foods that will create an overall healthy lifestyle and not just a “diet”.  With that being said, I focus on whole foods.  I have found that once individuals remove artificial foods from their diet, they attain a taste for fresh whole foods and truly enjoy eating them!

Nutrition Consultation - $150/session

You will learn the basics of how we’ll work together.  I’ll answer any question you may have about the process of nutrition coaching, learn about your goals and help set new ones.

INCLUDES: one 1-hour session.  Nutrition and dietary assessment and full body composition analysis to establish personal goals.

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